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Zgodovinsko društvo dr. Franca Kovačiča v Mariboru /

Historical Society dr. Franc Kovačič in Maribor



Koroška cesta 160

2000 Maribor





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The scientific periodical publication Studia Historica Slovenica, subtitled Humanities and Social Studies Review, published by the Historical Society of Dr. Franc Kovačič in Maribor, was first published in 2001.
Its creators set a goal to publish a review with an editorial vision different from other historical reviews in Slovenia. In accordance with the foundation act Studia Historica Slovenica (SHS) acts as an interdisciplinary scientific review in the field of history, ethnology, history of art, archeology, geography and linguistics and at the same time publishes critics and reports about other publications and activities in professions, which it covers.
In the spirit of modern times influenced by the motto World without borders, the publisher saw the review as a review of Maribor and Styria, later upgraded to a Slovenian, European and therefore international review. The highest professional level of the review can be seen from the structure of the editorial board, where besides the most established professionals from Slovene institutions (Department of history at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Department of history at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Institute of Contemporary History in Ljubljana, The Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Science and Research Centre of Koper) also professionals from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and USA have been invited.
In the first two years SHS was published in two volumes. Since the third year three volumes yearly are being published. The first, double volume is always in Slovene language and covers a specific theme; the second is set wider and brings articles in three languages - Slovene, English and German with which the publisher promotes Slovene science outside the Slovene borders. The review also publishes articles of the most respected European and American researchers, which are thematically connected to our area and its history.
Although the review is set on a high scientific level, it is interesting for professional historians as for history lovers. Articles are written in a very readable manner and besides the quality content we also give much attention to the general appearance of the review and its rich equipment with pictures.
Studia Historica Slovenica gives the most attention to scientific articles related to the most neglected local and regional history in Slovenia, to the city of Maribor and its most distinguished actors in the field of humanistics and sociology.
In the following years SHS will keep its seven-year editorial policy, which has earned a good reputation at home and abroad.